Be Kind to Your Mind

Mental Health Awareness

Written by: Juliana Santos, LCSW

Throughout the past few decades, the term “mental health” has gone through many different transformations throughout the world. It was often known as a taboo term that people feared talking about or being labeled with. Often, people would coin the term “crazy” along with mental health. After countless mental health awareness campaigns, celebrity disclosures on their personal mental health journeys, and more community involvement around the issues of mental health, we have come to a place where more and more people are taking the courageous steps towards healing!

Everyone goes through different life experiences that impacts how we react to our world and environment. Some of us may experience traumatic moments that can trigger extreme sadness, anger, confusion, or other dysregulating emotions. But that’s what people need to understand; we often operate from our emotions! (Yes, emotions exist). But some may wonder, what exactly are emotions? They are the “fuel” to our body’s machine. When you experience an emotion, your brain will send a signal to your body to respond to that presenting stimuli, which in turn will demonstrate how you react to that experience in your environment. For example, if someone tries to play a prank on me and jumps from behind a wall, my brain will produce the emotion of surprise, or fear, and will send a signal to my body to either run away, jump up and freeze in my position, or fight that fear. This is what makes self-awareness and mental health so important! By understanding mental health and how your own brain may be operating (based on current or previous life experiences) can support in your personal growth and wellness because you will learn how to better interact with others in healthier ways. Additionally, understanding yourself and how your emotions impact you, can change the way you react to your environment.

For World Mental Health Day, take some time to learn more about how different mental health issues may be affecting you or those around you, and start a journey towards healing and helping!

Meet the expert

Juliana Santos is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a focus in mental health services and assisting individuals towards their healing and personal growth and she has worked as a mental health professional for almost a decade!

Juliana specializes in her practice with children, adolescents, and families that may be struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, mood disorders, sexual health and identity, life transitions, and more. She utilizes creative and innovative methods in her work and applies humor and authenticity in each session. As an outgoing person, Juliana enjoys engaging with community partners to raise awareness on mental health and the need for strengths-based and trauma-informed environments.

Juliana Santos, LCSW, will be leading a discussion all about mental health at Be Kind to Your Mind on November 5, 2022.

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