Lead the Way

Written by Neki Mohan, 2022 Girl Scouts Lead the Way Honoree

Growing up in the British Caribbean I was a Girl Guide, the same foundation as Girl Scouts but in a different part of the world. It was the first organization that let me know I could be a leader and work with other women to work as a team. We were always told that we had no limits and that is a very important message for young women. It was where I got my first mentors, other young women doing great things to look up to. I went to international camp in 1983 which was in the south of Trinidad and I met young women from all over the world! It helped me dream big and realize I was capable of whatever I worked hard at.

When I think of words like innovator, risk taker, go getter and leader, I would consider myself all of those things now. More importantly though, I would like to let other young women know I came to these titles out of necessity. I grew up with very limited resources and was very intentional in making the best of every opportunity available to me. Here are some examples:

Risk Taker: I transferred to Journalism School at the University of Maryland with a deficit of about $2,000 and I had no way to pay it in the time allotted. The last week it was due I went every day to the financial aid office and sat in the lobby doing my homework until they helped me find some more funding. They found some just hours before I got kicked out of classes.

Innovator: When I left my TV News job in 2020, I started a little voice over business with my mic and computer in my closet. I also wrote PR copy for whoever needed it. No job was too big or too small. I live by that ethos. I have also worked for ten TV stations in five cities. I am not afraid to move or start over as long as it achieves my goals. In my new role, I am always consuming as much information as I can

Go Getter: I don’t wait for opportunity to come to me. I always take a chance. My grandfather also told me if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Leader: I didn’t get here alone. I believe in the power of mentoring. Someone gave me a shot, I always try to pair hard workers with access they may not have. I am a big believer in teamwork and leading by example.

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