Creating a Safe Space for Girl Scouts

In the spring of 2023 our council added a new opportunity for older Girl Scouts (Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors) to take part in a virtual program focused on building a safe space for themselves and others to talk about relationships and domestic violence. A topic that is typically swept under the rug and can be difficult to talk about, dating abuse – whether its sexual, physical, verbal, or emotional – effects more than 33% of American adolescents (!

Sabrina Harris, a local psychologist, educator, counselor, and motivational speaker, has helped our programs team come up with a comprehensive and dynamic virtual program that covers everything from the definition of abuse to building and maintaining healthy relationships. Here is a sneak peak about what Sabrina will share during the Safe Space virtual events.

You Have the Power:

Choosing Healthy Child, Adolescent, and Teen Relationships

We welcome you into our safe talk space created with the best YOU in mind, and we ask that you get ready for a learning and growth experience focused on healthy peer and social relationships. At the close of our talk, you will be more aware of healthy versus toxic relationships, in addition to how to realize the reality of what you deserve. We have the power to choose who we welcome into our lives, and we also have the power to decide who deserves to stay, so it is our goal to help you understand how to choose well and stay safe inside of your relationships and social circles.

Our New Normal:

Choosing Healthy Young Adult and Mature Relationships

If you are one of many in today’s evolving society who aspires to broaden your psychological, emotional, and behavioral capacity and mastery specifically as it relates to establishing, maintaining, nurturing, and safeguarding healthy relationships as a priority, then we encourage you to get ready for a multi-dimensional educational experience that is certain to catapult you to the next level.

We will start with exploring the definition and historical footprint of violence and abuse, and we will expound into vulnerability and risk factors, relational cultural and social implications, clarification regarding mental health vs. mental illness, positive and beneficial concepts, techniques and strategies, in addition to community referrals, resources and established support systems.

Sabrina Harris, MS, MSL, LMHC, CTP, EdD Candidate – Counseling Psychology & Supervision, Mental Health Practitioner, Certified Empowerment Coach, Certified Crisis Intervention Specialist, Certified Community Health Educator, Motivational Speaker & Relationship Consultant – Individual Psychotherapy, Trauma-Informed Therapy, Marriage & Family Therapy, Intensive Outpatient Group Facilitator, Addictions & Recovery, Child Welfare & Victim Advocacy (and) Crisis Intervention & Stabilization Services.

Register for a Safe Space Virtual Program Today! Are you interested in joining Sabrina and our programs team to learn more about this important issue? We will have sessions available throughout the year for our older Girl Scouts. Head to and search ‘Safe Space’ to find out about upcoming programs!

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