How To Make the Most of Your Girl Scout Rewards at JOANN


Just in time for the start of the new Girl Scout year, JOANN has partnered with Girl Scouts! Sign up for the Girl Scout Rewards Card and you can save 15% off your total purchase every day.

How far can you go with this card? The sky’s the limit! Here are some ways you can get the most out of your trip to JOANN.

Start a business

From jewelry-making to the ever-popular slime, there are plenty of crafts your Girl Scout can create to help her learn the first steps in business! Creating a budget, gathering supplies and taking orders are just a few of the steps she’ll take in organizing her first business model. These skills could also translate over to other aspects of her life, like keeping track of school assignments and making sure she gets her chores done.

DIY camp gear

Seat cushions, marshmallow sticks and mini-ovens are essentials for any camping trip. Thanks to crafting, any item you bring can be customized to your girl’s taste! By giving her the reigns to implement her style into her gear, she gets to make something functional while letting her personal style shine through as she hits the trail. By going DIY outside, she’ll also learn some tricks and tips that will stick with her every time she heads into the great outdoors.

Scrapbook her Girl Scout memories

Help her remember the good times by letting her pick out fun scrap-booking materials. Stickers, book designs and different colored card stock will help her create the most personalized way of remembering the fun trips and activities she did with her troop. It’s something she can always revisit as she grows up and add to as she gets older.

Visit to register for your Girl Scout card today and find your nearest store location! Current troop leaders, volunteers and members are eligible to register, and you can also use it on the JOANN app.

Happy Girl Scouting!



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