When Cookies and STEM Come Together!

Troop 21108 at Disney 5-15-17 3

What’s the first place you can think of that holds kinetic energy, speed and acceleration that you can actually experience? If you guessed a theme park, you’re right!

With the help of their cookie earnings, Troop 22108 traveled to Walt Disney World in May to participate in the Disney Youth Education Series Physics and Motion. They explored physics and the special effects behind some of their favorite roller coasters alongside their sister Girl Scouts.

The Disney Youth Education Series offers year-round educational opportunities for children in grades k-12. The courses range from Applied Sciences to Environmental Studies and Arts and Leadership Development. This particular series helped the girls gain an understanding of inertia, centripetal force and other properties of theme park attractions.

It’s never too early to get your girl involved in STEM. Check out this GirlScouts.org article for tips on how to make STEM a regular term in your daughter’s vocabulary and how to incorporate it into every day family activities!

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