How to Get Corporate Support for your Cookie Sale

Hi! I’m Sadie. I am a Cadette in Troop 10804 in Coral Springs, FL. I’m here to talk to you about the Corporate Cookie Connections Program.

In 2021, before the Corporate Cookie Connections Program existed, I did something like it. I reached out to a few businesses that I had connections with and asked them to buy Girl Scout cookies or support Cookies for the Military. Since I had a bigger goal this year, and the Corporate Cookie Connections Program was introduced, I developed a plan, and I contacted more businesses so I could get closer to my goal. I had a goal of at least 1,000 boxes of corporate cookie sales. I think this year, I was very successful with sharing the Corporate Cookie Connections Program because when you have a goal, and you let people and businesses know about it, the majority of the time, they want to help you out and get you closer to your goal. While I reached out to many businesses and many said yes, I learned that all businesses have their own goals and priorities, but when it comes to helping out a Girl Scout they are willing to support as much as they can.

A few things I learned this cookie season through the corporate cookie Connections program, is that selling cookies is not only fun, it also helps you become a more business-minded person.  I was very successful in my approach thanks to the 5 P’s (Prospect, Proposal, Pitch, Procure, & Partner) that I learned through the Corporate Cookie Connections Program. The 5 P’s helped me develop my plan and prepared me for communication with businesses. Also, when I was writing emails and contacting the businesses, I realized I was doing everything independently, and it made me feel great.

For anyone who doesn’t know about the Corporate Cookie Connections Program, it is a patch program that helps you develop skills in communication, organization, and responsibility.  The program also helps build your cookie sales through larger cookie purchases or donations of Cookies for the Military. If you’re a Girl Scout or Girl Scout Leader and you or your troop haven’t tried to develop corporate partnerships, it is definitely a great opportunity. Not only is it a great way to sell more cookies and become a better business person, its also a great way to learn about being independent and communicating with other people.

Want to learn more about the Corporate Cookie Connections program? Head over to our website to explore how Girl Scouts in our area are reaching their goals and beyond!

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