Reaching Your Goals with Digital Cookie

Ruby I., a Daisy Girl Scout from Troop 41217, sold more than $2,100 worth of Girl Scout Cookies using the Digital Cookie Platform during the 2022 Cookie Program! She ranked second highest in our council and impressed us all with her outstanding results. With the help from her mom Amy, we wanted to know just how Ruby crushed her online goals to help other Girl Scouts do the same.

GS: Why did you decide to ‘jump in’ and expand your Girl Scout Cookie Sale using Digital Cookie this year?

RI: I used Digital Cookie to encourage my friends and family who did not live near me to order cookies. I used it for local friends to pay by credit card so that I did not have to handle so much money.

GS: What are three specific things you REALLY like about using Digital Cookie to sell cookies?

RI: I liked that my mom was able to show me how my sales were going so that I could also track my rewards and patches. My mom really liked that we handled less cash and checks because we encouraged local friends and family to pay with their credit cards by pre-ordering before the cookies got here. By encouraging people to pre-order their cookies with girl delivery they were guaranteed the flavor of cookies they wanted.

GS: Did you have any specific goals for your Digital Cookie sales this year?  

RI: I had a goal to have a box of cookies donated for the troops for every state in the country. It was really fun to track each state as friends, family and friends of friends purchased cookies across the country. With the help of some very enthusiastic friends, I completed my goal. I learned about the states as I went too!

GS: Were you surprised by your Digital Cookie sales this year?

RI: Yes! I worked really hard and that work really paid off. It seemed like everyday there was an online sale from either my mom’s friends from Facebook or local friends that wanted to help make my cookie sale easier. When people found out I was a Girl Scout they wanted cookies. It was super easy for my mom to text those people my cookie link and order. I also sold a lot of cookies to friends with businesses to give to clients or to donate to food drives. That never would have happened without DOC. My mom posted on her Facebook page and it reached people we would not have in person. 

GS: What would you tell another Girl Scout who hasn’t used the Digital Cookie platform yet?

RI: DO IT! It is worth the time and effort because the effort is minimal!  It is great to not have to count so much money

Interested in using Digital Cookie for your 2023 Cookie Program?
Get started today by prepping your online store! Online sites will open on December 15, 2022 for donations to the military and pre-paid orders for girl delivery. Girl Scouts will be able to start delivering their pre-paid orders starting January 27, 2023. Beginning February 27 through March 12, 2023 your online customers will also be able to order Girl Scout Cookies for direct shipping and order the NEW Rasberry Rally cookies (direct shipping only)!

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