Plant a Seed and Grow Together

Spring is here which just seems like the perfect time, even in south Florida, to get outside together. This time of year has also long been associated with flowers, plants, and gardening, and even farming. What better way to enjoy the sunshine with your Girl Scout than to spruce up your yard (or even concrete outdoor space) with some pretty new blooms or a vegetable and herb garden?

She will learn so much along the way about plant biology as she witnesses the magic of seeds and plants right before her eyes. Your Girl Scout will gain confidence and feel accomplished seeing what she is capable of creating! Growing veggies could even inspire some extra healthy eating habits — she’ll beam with excitement to savor the food she has grown and will be so proud as she shares it with those she loves to enjoy as well. On top of all of that, your bond will grow even stronger as you spend quality time with her, guide her, and share success with her.

Of course, like so many things, you can make this a Girl Scout badge earning opportunity! If you have a Junior Girl Scout, planting a garden will help her earn her Gardener Badge. However, not everyone has a green thumb and the thought of gardening and growing plants can be daunting at best, so we have some resources for you to get started.

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