Support Her As She Stands Up

uploadscardimage61303144d33a39-5cfe-4019-9dfb-b74a7f092321.jpg950x534__filtersquality80At Girl Scouts, we encourage every girl to use her power for good, no matter what that power may be. For some girls, they find their power rests in their voice and their ability to make social change.

Many women and girls throughout history have taken great risks to stand up for themselves and others, and we have them to thank for many of the privileges and freedoms we enjoy today.  If not for Susan B. Anthony’s tireless fight, women would not have the right to vote in elections that impact our lives. Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman risked death in order to see an end to slavery in our country. Would the Civil Rights Movement have been as powerful without the actions and voice of Rosa Parks? Greta Thunberg is a 16 year old girl currently making waves across the globe to save the environment,  and at the age of 17, Malala Yousafazi became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for advocating for girls’ and women’s rights to an education.

If your Girl Scout is discovering her voice and questioning the world around her, you may be concerned about her becoming disruptive or too opinionated. However, it takes a great deal of courage, confidence, and character to dissent and she needs your support – even if you don’t agree with her views.  We know this can be a struggle for many parents, especially if they do not see eye-to-eye with their daughters. For some great tips and advice on how you can support your girl as she stands up for change, check out this blog article by Girl Scouts of the USA.

We also recommend checking out’s list of 40 books for children and teens about women and girls who stood up for social change and fought for a society that is fair, tolerant, and equal for all. (Please note that Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida does not endorse any of the books listed and are offered as a means of reference to be considered at the discretion of the reader). 

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